Nancy Dowdall Photography | FAQ

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?
The photographs of your family, your wedding, your children and other important events can be a treasure of intensely memorable feelings and a joy to revisit throughout your life - but only if your photographer has the talent and skill to focus, shoot and capture those defining moments.

Why Choose Nancy Dowdall Photography?
Nancy is a seasoned professional with over 20 years as a portrait  photographer.  Unlike most of the other photographers in the area Nancy spends time with her customers talking with them about about what there vision for the session.  Nancy has the ability of putting people at ease which is reflected in her work. She will capture what you treasure and the experience will make you smile!

What is so special about a canvas print?
The depth and brilliance of a canvas print is wonderful.  This print reflects light in different directions, as opposed to a regular flat print, giving it more of a three dimensional appearance and reduced glare.  It does not look like a painting, it is a photograph.  The only thing left to do is to frame the portrait.  Glass is not recommended.  Most people have their portraits canvassed if they will be hanging it on their wall.There is so much more depth and dimension that this piece stands out far beyond anything else.   Experience the ultimate in print finishing.  You will be justly proud of this investment of your family's pictorial mural.  It is indeed the heirloom to be admired for generations and will become more valuable each day.  This is truly the finest canvas product in the world and an investment your family will always cherish.  Order this one today!