Image conscious

 Photographer clicks creatively with subjects

By Quentin Roux

Photographers, as the saying goes, see the world a little differently. Even if they’re not toting a camera, they’re constantly looking at light, form, angles, motion, and contrasts. They see the bigger picture all the time.
As a professional  who specializes in all types of photography, Nancy Dowdall has used all those attributes to establish herself as one of the  most in-demand photographers.
Using some of her news shooting experience, Dowdall shies away from the typically static poses that constitute so many portraits, and instead goes for a more natural image.
“I want people to look comfortable in their environment,” she says. “I take my subjects to outdoor locations, many times at sunset. I like to photograph them interacting with each other instead of posing. I encourage them to walk around, play together and relax.”
Among her favorite shoots, besides groups, are weddings, family gatherings and pets. She’s also happy with corporate-type work, and is prepared — as she did for a while — to travel locally and internationally on assignment.
“I also ‘recharge’ my creative batteries by doing underwater, aerial and nature photography,” she says.

People unaware of Dowdall’s work may indeed have seen some without realizing it. Her photo of a dolphin nosing a coconut into the air is on the cover of the latest Yellow Pages directory, and five of her “paradise” photos are on the cover of the latest Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual glossy publication.

Dowdall has a degree in photo illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has practiced for the past 20 years.

Her tagline says it all..She captures what you treasure and the experience will make you smile!